15+ Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Pinterest group boards are a really popular and effective way to grow your blog right now. You can find Pinterest group boards by looking at another entrepreneur’s Pinterest boards, on sites like Pin Groupie, or in this post I’ll list several of the awesome Pinterest group boards specifically for the blogging, business, and entrepreneurship niche.

Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Basically a group board lets you reach new people because you (along with the other board members) are pinning to a board owned by someone else.  It’s also a good way to network in your industry. 🙂 You can schedule out your pins to these boards with Tailwind.

Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

  1. Young Creative Entrepreneurs
  2. Girl Boss
  3. Femtrepreneur Badass Business Babes
  4. Entrepreneur Success
  5. Blogging
  6. Blogging Boost Official Board
  7. Turbo Blogging and Business Group Board
  8. Blogging Tips: How to Create a Blog
  9. Blogging Pros Group Board
  10. Blogging + Content Marketing
  11. The Ultimate Blogging and Creative Business Guide
  12. Bloggers Anonymous
  13. Business Bombshells
  14. Blog Babes Group Board
  15. Blog & Business Squad
  16. Lady Boss Entrepreneurs Collab Board
  17. Creative Bloggers and Biz Owners
  18. Rebel Entrepreneurs
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