20+ Inspirational Income Reports from Bloggers

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It’s always inspiring to read income reports from bloggers, whether they’re just starting out and charting their entire blogging journey or they’ve been blogging for years and are making multi-six-figures or even seven figures a year.  Here are over 20 inspirational income reports from bloggers making at least $1,000 a month, and some making over $100,000 in a single MONTH.

Inspirational Income Reports from Bloggers

20+ Inspirational Income Reports from Bloggers

What is a Blog Income Report?

A blog income report is a fun way for bloggers to share how much money they’re earning. Income reports can show where the earnings come from, what expenses have been taken out, and other interesting stats like the number of social media followers or email subscribers for the month. Bloggers may also choose to include their thoughts on why they’re happy with this month’s results compared to past months, goals for next month, and more!

How Do Bloggers Earn an Income?

There are so many ways that bloggers make money from their blogs these days. You could be monetizing your site by running paid ads through a network like Google Adsense or Mediavine, doing sponsored posts for brands, selling online courses or digital products, using affiliate links (with Amazon being a popular choice); or even running an e-commerce store!

Why Do Bloggers Publish Income Reports?

Bloggers publish income reports to share how their blogging business is going with readers and other bloggers. It can be a really motivating way for budding or veteran bloggers to see that it IS possible to make money from blogging, even if you’re just starting out! Income reports also provide an easy snapshot of what’s working well for the blogger, so they know which avenues are worth investing more time in or moving away from entirely.

Also, it’s worth noting that many bloggers are affiliates for blogging-related products and software or sell their OWN courses about how to make money blogging, so the income reports are a good way to build credibility and social proof and also make some additional sales. 😉

With that said, here are 20+ blogging income reports from a variety of different niches!

Note: some of these link to the blogger’s category for income reports, and for those who don’t have a whole page of income reports, I’ve just linked to one of their recent income report posts.

Blogging Income Reports:

  1. Smart Passive Income– Pat Flynn was one of the first people to do income reports and I believe he’s the reason they became a “thing” in the first place.  I remember reading his income reports literally YEARS ago when I was much younger and he was still making a ridiculous amount of money.  Today, he makes over six figures a MONTH.
  2. Making Sense of Cents– Michelle grew her blog ridiculously fast in a short period of time by using affiliate marketing and blogging about personal finance.  Today, her blog makes over six figures a month.
  3. Allison Lindstrom– Allison has income reports for her blog earning over five figures per month and now teaches other bloggers how to work from home.
  4. Melyssa Griffin (formerly The Nectar Collective)- Melyssa provides amazing blogging and social media tips and strategy and makes over $100,000 a month from her most recent income reports.
  5. Pinch of Yum– a ridiculously successful food blog that makes over $50,000 a month
  6. The Busy Budgeter– Rosemarie is a very inspirational frugal living blogger who also grew her blog very quickly and has grown her monthly income to match.
  7. Twelve Skip– learn how Pauline made over $15,000 from her blog and business
  8. Just a Girl and Her Blog
  9. Believe in a Budget
  10. Sarah Titus
  11. The Frugal Millionaire
  12. Living on Fifty (previously Retired by 40!)
  13. Arts and Classy
  14. Embracing Simple– Christina blogs about how to simplify your life as well as household and decluttering tips.
  15. Maya Elious
  16. Coming Up Roses
  17. Drink Coffee and Prosper
  18. By Regina
  19. Living for Naptime
  20. Single Moms Income
  21. What Mommy Does– how Lena makes over $3,000 a month with a mom blog
  22. The Practical Saver
  23. Gen Y Girl– a lifestyle blog from a millennial
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