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Lifestyle blogging is a popular form of blogging. Blogging about your own personal life and sharing it with others can be uplifting and a great way to express yourself or highlight your personal brand. In this post, you will find lifestyle blog post ideas that your readers will love. This list will give you an idea of what to write about in order to grow your personal brand and create a personal connection with your readers.

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First, what is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a blog about one’s own personal life, or it can refer to a general blog that doesn’t focus on a particular niche.

Lifestyle blogs are focused more on your opinions, preferences, favorites, etc similar to how you see popular Youtubers making a video about their favorite skincare items or an Instagram influencer on their recent trip to Greece.

Lifestyle blogs may cover a wide variety of topics and not have a specific niche. You still want to provide valuable information to your reader, though, and not just treat your blog as a random diary.

It’s also important to note that in general, lifestyle blogs are much harder to grow because they usually don’t target specific SEO keywords or Pinterest searches, and people may not be actively searching for these types of posts.

However, if your goal is to be more of an online “influencer” then you might create a general lifestyle blog about things that you’re interested in because your fans might also be interested in them.

With a lifestyle blog, you would most likely be monetizing it through sponsored posts, affiliate links to products, and collaborations with brands rather than pure ad revenue (which is easier if you have a specific niche). Just keep in mind that it’s much harder to get traction from SEO or organic search with this type of blog. 🙂

Having said that, here are our lifestyle post ideas! Remember to always tie these ideas back to how YOUR READER can benefit, perhaps from your recommendations.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • A typical day in your life (…as a Youtuber, as a blogger, as a content creator, etc)
  • A typical week in your life
  • Your morning routine
  • Your evening routine
  • What you do in your free time
  • What’s in your bag?
  • What are your must-have items?
  • Favorite stores (online or offline)
  • Favorite movies
  • Favorite songs / albums
  • What you’re currently reading
  • What you’re currently watching on TV
  • Your favorite activities to do in spring, summer, fall, or winter
  • What’s been happening in your life in the past week, month, year?
  • Your goals for this year + tips for your audience on how to achieve their goals
  • A list of gift ideas that your audience would love
  • Lists about your favorite things, like “Top Ten Favorite Clothing Brands”
  • Reviews of products you use or places you go to regularly

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas About Travel:

  • Recent trips
  • Your favorite moment from a recent trip
  • Your favorite restaurants in a particular city
  • Your favorite food from a particular country
  • Your guide to a particular city
  • Your guide to a particular country
  • How to spend 3 days in ________
  • How to spend a week in ________
  • What to pack for a trip to X country
  • Must-have items while traveling in X country
  • Things You Need To Know When Visiting X Country
  • My Travel Essentials For X Country

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas About Food:

  • What you eat in a day
  • What you eat in a week
  • Recipes of your favorite dishes for a particular diet
  • Your favorite vegetarian / vegan versions of popular dishes
  • Freezer-friendly meals
  • How you meal plan for a week
  • A favorite recipe from your childhood
  • Recipes based on region – say, where you grew up or currently live? Maybe recipes from where your parents or grandparents came from?
  • Your tips for hosting a great dinner party

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas About Fashion:

  • Your outfit of the day
  • A typical week of outfits for you
  • Your capsule wardrobe ideas
  • What you wear to work
  • What you wear for fun
  • What you’re wearing to a festival / concert / event
  • Jewelry pieces you love
  • Accessories / scarves / hats you love
  • Fashion trends in general: what’s new, what’s popular
  • Your favorite shoes that you wear with everything
  • Your special occasion shoes and accessories

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas About Fitness And Health:

  • Your current fitness routine
  • Your current daily diet
  • How to find your perfect workout routine (examples of different types of workouts)
  • Your favorite fitness classes or workout routines
  • Your favorite workout equipment
  • Your favorite equipment at the gym
  • An exercise routine for beginners / experts
  • What foods you should pair with certain fitness routines
  • What is the most EFFECTIVE workout you’ve ever done?
  • What is the most FUN workout you’ve ever done?
  • What’s your favorite healthy recipe to make at home?

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for lifestyle blog posts!

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