One Trick to Never Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts

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Ok, I have to start by saying this blog post is ironic because I wrote it one week when I didn’t write a post for Katie Harp Creative, and then I almost skipped it again.  But the reason I’m writing it now is because I took the time to figure out how to avoid this writer’s block problem in the future and I discovered one trick to never run out of ideas for blog posts that has been helping me write regularly for my other blogs.

The trick: Make a new Evernote or Google doc called “Blog Post Ideas” and brainstorm around 50 ideas.

Spend at least 30 minutes brainstorming ideas for your post idea list.  Try to get at least 50 ideas down.  The more the better!  This is seriously so helpful.  Start with whatever crazy ideas come to mind, and afterward you can cut out the not-so-good ideas.  I have this on Evernote so if I get an idea on the bus, I can just add it (or a few!) to my list and thus I’m continuously adding new post ideas so I won’t run out in the future.  At this point, I have dozens of blog post ideas on my list. 🙂

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Here are some possible blog post headline ideas:

  • # Ways to ________
  • # Things You Didn’t Know About ______
  • _____ vs. _____
  • # Tips for Improving Your ______

The best part of having a blog post idea list is that you’ll never have to wonder what to write about this week for your business. 🙂

Bonus: Write your blog post BEFORE the day you need to publish it.
I have a bad habit of writing blog posts the day of when I need them, or publishing them a few hours past when I should have already sent an email.  But lately I have been trying to write my posts ahead of time in Evernote or as a draft in WordPress (you can even just START writing them or outline them) and this makes it a lot less stressful.

It’s so refreshing to wake up and have a finished draft in WordPress ready to be published that day. 🙂  Also take advantage of the power of scheduling, both in WordPress and for your email newsletter.  It saves a lot of stress that way.

Well, there you have it.  My sneaky tricks for never running out of blog post ideas.  Good luck!

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