15 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

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Repurposing your content is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Repurposing means taking a piece of content you’ve already created and reworking it in some way, taking the same information and putting it into a different format.

One of the most effective ways to get more attention for your content is to repurpose it. You can repurpose your content by transforming it into a video, an infographic or by turning a popular blog post into a guide. Here are 15 ways you can repurpose your content.

Ways to Repurpose Your Content

15 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

1. Repurpose parts of blog posts into social media captions

The great thing about social media is that you can repurpose your blog posts into many different things. You can repurpose them to create social media captions, which you can use to post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest all at the same time.

2. Repurpose your content into a video

Try repurposing your content into a video format. Videos are great for social media, especially Youtube or Instagram, and you can easily add a link to your blog post in the description of the video.

3. Turn blog posts into infographics

Turning your blog posts into infographics is a great way to take your blog posts and repurpose them so they can be shared everywhere. Infographics are easily sharable, which means more eyeballs on your content.

4. Turn extra-long blog posts into downloadable opt-in offers

If your blog post is really long, you can turn it into an opt-in offer for your email list. If you have a long blog post that contains a lot of valuable information, you could turn that into a PDF or an ebook that you can make people opt-in to receive.

5. Turn a series of blog posts into an ebook

If you have a lot of blog content that’s performing really well, you can turn it into an ebook. Blog posts are great for driving traffic and getting people into your site, but ebooks are great for building your email list and getting people to interact with your brand.

6. Record podcasts and have them transcribed into a blog post

Another great way to increase your blog traffic is to record podcasts and then transcribe them into blog posts. This way you’re able to reach a wider audience and you can still keep the podcast as a standalone piece.

7. Record Youtube videos and have them transcribed into a blog post

Once you’ve recorded a video for your Youtube channel, don’t just leave it there. Turn it into a blog post and make it shareable. You can do this by getting the transcript of the video and then creating a blog post from it.

8. Take quotes from a blog post, video, or podcast and turn them into quote graphics for Instagram

One of my favorite ways to repurpose content is through quote graphics. I use Canva to create quote graphics out of blog posts or other content that I’ve created, as well as using famous inspirational quotes. It’s a great way to repurpose content that I’ve already created and make it more shareable.

Quote graphics are hugely popular on Instagram and they’re an easy way to inspire your audience and give them something to think about.

9. Repurpose video content in different sizes on Youtube, Facebook videos, Pinterest videos, Instagram reels or stories, and Tiktok

Repurposing video on different platforms is a great way to get in front of new people. There is also a huge benefit to repurposing the same content across multiple platforms because you’re showing the same video to more people and they’ll be more likely to watch it because they’ve already seen it once.

When you’re creating video content for one platform, you’re really creating it for all platforms. If you’re creating a Youtube video, think about how you can repurpose that video for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok.

10. Repurpose live webinars into pre-recorded workshops or video trainings (possibly for sale)

If you’re presenting your content live, turn it into a video. It’s an easy way for people who couldn’t make it to the event to experience the content in a way they wouldn’t otherwise.

11. Take summary points of blog posts and turn them into carousel posts on Instagram

You can take the main points of your blog posts and turn them into carousel posts on Instagram. With a carousel post, you can add multiple images and text and quickly tell your story in a fun and visual way.

12. Turn content into a slideshow on Slideshare

Similar to carousel posts with multiple graphics or slides, you can also turn your content into a slideshow to share on platforms like Slideshare. This is also a good way to repurpose slides from a webinar you’ve done live before.

13. Summarize blog posts into Instagram stories, Pinterest idea pins, or Google Web Stories

Grab the highlights or main bullet points from a blog post and repurpose them into multi-screen stories on a variety of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or Google Web Stories.

14. Summarize blog posts into a downloadable checklist or cheat sheet

A great tactic is to take some of the most important points you made in your blog post and compile them into a downloadable checklist or cheat sheet.

15. Turn emails into blog posts (or vice versa) or repurpose your podcasts as emails

For example, you can turn your weekly emails into blog posts or you can take your podcasts and turn them into weekly emails.

Repurposing your content is a great way to make your content more relevant to your audience as well as find a new audience to share it with. Repurposing content allows you to think outside the box about how you can use your content to reach new audiences on different platforms and social media sites.

If you want to find more success with your content and get more reach, repurposing is the way to do it!

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