How to Create Branded Graphics and Images for Your Business

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Branded graphics and images can help build your business. These visuals are a great way to create an emotional connection with customers, as well as evoke feelings of recognition. In this blog post, we’ll walk through some creative ways you can create branded graphics and images for your marketing.

How to Create Branded Graphics and Images for Your Business
Create Branded Graphics and Images

How to Create Branded Graphics and Images for Your Business

From creating emotional connections with customers to building trust through visuals, branded graphics and images can help your business grow. To learn how you can incorporate these assets into your marketing strategy, keep reading!

What are Branded Graphics and Why Should You Care About Them?

Branded graphics are marketing images that contain your company’s logo, colors and other brand assets. Your customers will recognize them at a glance without even reading what they say. That means great things for you – the viewer recognizes your company as one of their favorite brands, which is an excellent first step in building customer loyalty.

The key to success with branded graphics is consistency: logos (or your business name / URL) should be used consistently across all products, social media posts and advertisements so viewers recognize your business.

Why do branded graphics matter?

Brand recognition is important for getting your company out there and building customer loyalty. If you want to be successful, you need to have a recognizable logo that’s used on all marketing items – from social media posts to advertisements – so people know exactly who they’re buying from!

The Benefits of Using Branded Graphics

There are plenty of reasons why you should care about having branded graphics:

  • Creating a recognizable brand
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Consistency across all marketing materials

Brand recognition is important for getting your company out there and building customer loyalty; without logos and consistent visual branding like fonts and colors, customers may not know who they’re buying from!

One benefit to creating graphics branded with your business’s unique colors, fonts, and logo is that it builds customer loyalty because they will be familiar with your business and what imagery goes along with it.

How to Create Your Own Branded Images

Coming up with a cohesive brand is important for any business. This includes designing, creating and using branded graphics on all marketing materials – from social media posts to advertisements!

A large part of this process is coming up with your logo to represent your company. Plus the whole visual identity including colors, fonts, style, personality, etc.

Try to be consistent with using your brand’s colors and fonts in the graphics you create. Of course, on social media sometimes you might want to test out different options, and I actually test out completely different styles on Pinterest sometimes, but *in general* you want to have a consistent look across your graphics.

That could mean creating a brand board or just writing down the names of the fonts you use (and then using them) plus the hex codes for your brand colors. Depending on your brand, you might have a few primary colors picked out, but for social media graphics you might find yourself needing to add a few extra neutral colors like black and white to make your images readable at a glance.

Tip: Tools like Canva actually allow you to create a custom Brand Kit for your business (available on Canva Pro) to save your brand’s unique fonts, colors, and company logo, making this process waaayyyyy easier.

You might create a branded quote graphic with a white background and black text, BUT you put your logo at the bottom and use your colors to add a few elements to the corners. So it still looks like a branded graphic that goes along with your other work even if you’re not using every single color and font in every graphic.

Whenever you can, it’s a good idea to watermark your original images (especially ones that you post on social media, like your own quote graphics) with a small version of your logo or website address. It’s common on Pinterest and Instagram images especially to add your logo / website name in a small size to the bottom of the image to mark that it’s yours. (This won’t completely deter thieves, but it’s more about consistency and recognition for your audience).

In this blog post, we’ve shared why you should use branded graphics and how to create them.

Now it’s time to take the next step. If you’re looking for an easy way to create branded graphics, join our stock photo and template membership where we give you hundreds of pre-designed Canva templates for social media, ebooks, and more that are so easy to customize with your own colors, fonts, and logo. Plus, you can easily download and use our stock photos that match your brand colors!

I hope you enjoyed this post about designing branded graphics for your business!

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