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How To Create Visual Consistency and Boost Brand Awareness

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Branding is so important for boosting awareness and growing your business. And visual consistency is a HUGE part of effective branding! With the right consistent visuals, you’ll build trust with your customers, boost brand recognition, and even evoke specific emotions. 

Visual consistency is essential for everything from social media posts and email campaigns to physical packaging and branding. 

How To Create Visual Consistency and Boost Brand Awareness | Katie Harp Creative

Why Is Visual Consistency Important? 

Being consistent and active across social media helps you take advantage of all it has to offer. But approaching social media with the right branding is essential

One of the primary goals of social media is to encourage your audience to be aware of (and involved with) your business. In order to do that, you need to effectively communicate your brand and be consistent. The more consistent your branding is, the more likely it is that people will start to recognize your brand and engage with your posts! 

It’s so important to focus on visual consistency with color, tone, and other branding elements. Especially since visual marketing is more prevalent than ever, you need to make conscious strides to prioritize that visual consistency across all platforms. 

How Does Visual Consistency Impact Your Audience? 

Before we dive into some specific ways to increase your visual consistency, let’s talk about how it actually affects your audience. 

No matter your niche, visual branding creates a specific experience for anyone viewing your brand. It’s really important to understand its impact on your audience so that you can maximize your marketing efforts the right way. 

As consumers, we love to interact with people and brands that feel familiar. This is part of the reason why influencer marketing (and reality TV) is so powerful and popular. We love getting an inside glimpse into other people’s lives, and we come to feel like we know them, even in a digital world. 

How do we actually go about creating that for our businesses, though? 

Just like the most prominent influencers, we have to be incredibly consistent in the types of content we post, how often we post, and the branding associated with that content! Consistent branding and messaging help you communicate that you’re reliable and trustworthy. Even better, you’ll start to appeal to your ideal audience by showing up consistently in a way that’s enticing!

Visual consistency lets you build a context for your business that’s easy for people to understand. From there, they’ll remember you! Psychologically, human beings respond best to consistency, and this is particularly true for deciding which brands or businesses to support. 

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4 Ways To Increase Visual Consistency

Clearly, visual consistency is essential. But how can you start to create that sought-after visual consistency for your audience? 

Here are four ways to boost your branding through visual consistency, without tons of effort or extra stress. 

1. Create Branded Graphics That Work For Every Platform

Branded graphic templates boost visual consistency, but also make your life so much easier! Finding the perfect templates for your business and branding them with your unique colors, fonts, and logos saves you tons of time. You’ll be able to create cohesive branded graphics easily. 

On that same note, once you find templates you love, you can use Canva Pro to resize them appropriately for each platform. To remain professional in your marketing, you want to keep your graphics the right size. There are different graphic sizes for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook cover images and email newsletters, and Pinterest pins. 

But keeping the same templates and elements helps people recognize your brand faster across every platform! 

You’re basically cultivating a recognizable style for your brand across every platform. That way, people will see your content on a different platform and be more willing to engage. 

2. Be Consistent With Colors, Fonts, and Logos

One of the biggest parts of visual consistency is using the same fonts, colors, and logos across your different graphics. That’s why it’s important to select the best fonts and colors to appeal to your ideal audience. 

If you want cohesive branding, don’t switch up your fonts or colors too often. Select fonts that are simple, readable, and easily recognizable. And avoid using colors that don’t mesh well! 

It’s also helpful to have your colors in mind when choosing styled stock photos for your business. Stock photography is another factor in visual consistency, and it’s one that many people overlook. While there are lots of free stock photos online, investing in styled stock photography helps you stand out. 

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3. Find The Perfect Templates For Your Business (and Stick With Them)

We already talked about the importance of using branded graphics for your business. But you don’t have to create your graphics from scratch! 

With professionally designed graphic templates in Canva, you’ll be able to make graphics that are branded and consistent with only a few clicks. And with Canva Pro, you can upload a brand kit with colors, logos, and fonts so that editing these templates is a breeze. 

The perfect templates help you create a consistent look and feel for your brand online. They support the tone and emotions your brand should evoke. 

4. Create A Brand Style Guide For Your Team (or Future Team)

Right now, you might be doing everything yourself in terms of branding and graphic design. But as your business grows, you’ll likely start to outsource things like Canva designing to someone else. 

Taking the time to create a brand style guide will make things so much easier later on. Delegating design work will be smooth and easy when everything is in one place. 

Your brand style guide should include things like: 

  • Links to your stock photo membership
  • Any important login information, like for Canva
  • Your company’s mission statement and ideal audience
  • Brand color palette
  • Fonts (including when and how to use each one)
  • Your brand voice and any copy guidelines
  • Links to your favorite templates

We recommend creating your brand style guide in Google Docs so that any future team members can easily access it. 

Visual consistency is absolutely essential to boosting brand awareness and building trust with your audience. 

Luckily, there are so many ways to create visual consistency easily, like using branded Canva templates and styled stock photography

If you’d like even more styled stock photos and design templates, be sure to check out our membership!

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