The Best Source for Blogging Advice (That You’ll Never Guess!)

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Since starting my journey as an entrepreneur and blogger when I was a wee lass, I’ve learned and gotten advice from many different sources (thanks Dad!).

A lot of the advice from business coaches like Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, etc was actually great advice, but that’s not where I got the BEST advice up to this point.

The Best Source for Blogging Advice (That You’ll Never Guess!)

You want to know where I’ve learned the best stuff about blogging and business? The stuff that actually moved the needle?


Yes, this is weird. You can laugh at me because I don’t even have children. 😃 (I just wanted to learn how to coupon! And all those pretty home improvement projects you see on Pinterest).

Ok, so here’s the deal. If you only hang out in the “internet marketing” world, a lot of the advice eventually gets repetitive and you feel like you’ve heard it all before and some of it is really just theoretical. They might tell you to go guest blog, be consistent sending your newsletter, get people on your email list, and over deliver on your service.

But what they don’t tell you are the nitty gritty details you need to fill in to actually make this stuff work. And that stuff usually has to come from your own trial and error and many tears of frustration.

Enter the frugal mom blogs.

The first one I ever read was called Living Well, Spending Less. It’s a great blog about how to save money and live a good life. And she gets millions of page views every month! (And makes a ton of money to go with that).

Well, long story short, she ended up teaching a course on how to build your blog and I took it to grow my newly-formed inspirational mental health app and blog at the time. With her advice, along with advice I got in ebooks from other frugal mom bloggers (I read a lot of books about blogging and Pinterest during this time), I grew my ghost town of a personal development blog to tens of thousands of page views a month! It also grew my email list, social media followers, and sales.

For some people that’s probably peanuts, but for me it felt like a ton. It felt like I had discovered some missing piece that the business coaches were all leaving out – how to actually get people on your website so they can buy the stuff or services you’re selling. Not just theoretical stuff, but exactly what tools they used, how many times a day they were posting on Pinterest (around 70-100 times a day!) and other social media, how you should be posting new blog posts way more often than you think, and how to use specific strategies like group boards to grow quickly.

I think the advice from the frugal mom bloggers is awesome because they’re in areas completely outside of the internet marketing world – home improvement, saving money, couponing, DIY projects, recipes, etc.

So anyway, if you’ve been seeing the same advice repeated again and again in the business world and it’s not working for you, try looking outside your industry to a place you’d never expect for business advice, like all these mom blogs. They’ve got some great tricks for making a blog work in any industry. 😃

Good luck!

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