To the Entrepreneur Who’s Ready to Give Up

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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

You’re doing a great job.

I’m so proud of all the work you’re putting into this. It isn’t easy starting a business, but it’s worth it and the hard work does pay off.

To the Entrepreneur Who’s Ready to Give Up

Some days it probably feels like you’re not making any progress. Some months. Even some years. But even a tiny baby step forward is still a step in the right direction. It’s a step toward progress and the business and life you’re fighting to create.

I know sometimes other people don’t understand what you’re doing or what you’re trying to create. Some people might tell you to give up and get a “real job,” and others might make you question why you’re even doing this in the first place.

But you have to remember why you started this journey. Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

It’s your “why” that will get you through the toughest days and your toughest critics. When no one believes in you.

People will look at you like you’re crazy. You’ll have days when all you can do is cry that nothing you do is working. You’ll wonder if this is even worth it.

It is worth it.

It’s so worth it when people who aren’t related to you start subscribing to your email list. 🙂 It’s so worth it when you start getting your first clients and customers. It’s so worth it when you get happy testimonials and your clients start referring you to everyone they know. It’s so worth it when you wake up – after sleeping in – to the sound of new Paypal notifications making money on products you put your heart and soul into and are now making passive income literally while you sleep.

I know it’s hard right now. Maybe you’re ready to give up and go back to a 9 to 5 job. If starting a business is what you really want – if this is your calling, and you know that deep down – then you have to do whatever it takes to keep fighting for this dream. Get a part time job. Start a side hustle. Get up early.  Work late.  Keep going on your dream.

Then put your head down and your fingers on the keyboard and Just. Keep. Going. Try new things, experiment, test everything, and hustle hard.

Things can be amazing in your business and life.

You just have to keep going.

And never give up.

Good luck.


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