My Honest Flodesk Review: Is This Email Marketing Software Right for You?

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As a digital marketer, I have used a number of different email marketing softwares over the years and have experienced many firsthand. Some were better than others, and in this Flodesk review I’ll tell you why I currently use and love Flodesk for my own email marketing.

Flodesk Review
Flodesk Review

In this post, I will review Flodesk, an up-and-coming email marketing software. I will provide a brief overview of what it is and what you can expect from it. I will also provide a link to our affiliate program with them if you want to click on it and sign up for an account.

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My Honest Flodesk Review

In today’s constant social media algorithm updates, email marketing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to use email marketing tools, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to reach your audience and actually stay in touch with your readers and customers long term.

And with Flodesk, you can manage your own email marketing for as low as $19 a month for an unlimited number of subscribers.

Flodesk Pricing: How Much Does Flodesk Cost?

Right now the regular cost of Flodesk is only $38 for an unlimited number of emails and subscribers, but with my code KATIEHARP or the link below you can save 50% off for life!

That brings the price of Flodesk to only $19 a month, which is way less than what I’ve paid for other services like Mailchimp, Convertkit, or even Mailerlite.

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Flodesk Email Templates

Flodesk has some beautiful email templates available, though I try to keep things simple to keep the open rates high (I don’t want to add too many images or fancy things that could trip up the spam filter). Many of my emails with Flodesk have a high 20-30% open rate! That’s much better than with some other email marketing services I’ve tried.

Flodesk software preview
Flodesk Email Marketing Review

Flodesk Forms

Flodesk has a few different templates for signup forms. There isn’t a lot to customize here, so I basically create a regular form and stick in on my landing page as well as having a popup form. However, so far there aren’t a lot of different design options for signup forms or integrations with third party signup form software.

Flodesk signup forms
Flodesk Signup Forms

I’ve actually found their landing pages very helpful! Lately I’ve been creating several different lead magnets and opt-in offers because I want the ability to test multiple free offers without creating a ton of separate pages in WordPress.

With Flodesk you can use their “signup forms” to create a simple landing page (on their domain name) that doubles as an opt-in form. Then I create a 301 redirect link on my website (with a WordPress plugin) so my freebie has a “pretty” and shareable link. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Flodesk landing page
Flodesk landing page

In this example, I created a whole landing page for this opt-in offer using Flodesk’s forms, so it was just as simple as setting up any other form. 🙂 This is similar to software like Leadpages at a fraction of the cost!

Flodesk Workflows

Workflows are basically a form of email automation available in Flodesk. I like to have one welcome sequence as a Flodesk workflow that has a series of emails that help onboard new subscribers onto my email list, and then I send out regular emails to my list on a weekly basis.

After someone finishes my welcome workflow, they are moved from a new subscriber segment to the regular email list.

Flodesk email workflows
Flodesk Email Workflows

At this point, I’ve set up a few different themed workflows depending on which freebie someone signs up for – the stock photos, a Pinterest freebie, or a social media freebie. That way you can send out a welcome sequence of emails tailored for different subsets of your email list. 🙂

Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

I’ve used both Flodesk and Mailchimp for long periods of time, and I can definitely say that I prefer Flodesk. Not only is the pricing far more reasonable, but the interface, design, and email templates are beautiful and well-designed, the software is more user-friendly, and it creates an overall better experience.

It’s also a lot easier to create different segments of your audience in Flodesk than in Mailchimp.

Flodesk vs. Convertkit

I’ve also tried Convertkit in the past, and although it had a lot of sophisticated features and the workflows were arguably better, I didn’t like that I couldn’t easily customize my email designs, and I didn’t like just how many options there were for things like segmenting. It felt a little overwhelming at the time (and overkill for what I wanted to do) and the price is quite high, so if you don’t strictly NEED all of the fancy bells and whistles, then I prefer Flodesk over Convertkit.

Having said that, there have been times when I wished I had something a little more sophisticated so I wouldn’t be sending out the same emails to my entire list when people initially signed up for very different opt-in offers and have different interests.

My Overall Review of Flodesk

Honestly the main downside of Flodesk is that (at the moment) it doesn’t integrate with very much other software except for Zapier. So to keep things simple, I basically just use Flodesk to send out weekly emails and don’t do anything fancy because it’s not really set up for that unless you pull out Zapier and make some more complicated systems.

You won’t find fancy integrations with e-commerce here, abandoned cart emails, or super advanced audience segmenting based on their subscriber behavior.

But if you just need something beautiful, simple, easy to use, and affordable, Flodesk is the perfect email marketing software for you! This is what I currently use for my own email marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed my Flodesk review and it helps you decide if this is the right email marketing software for you!

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