Interact Quiz Review

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Did you ever spend hours taking Buzzfeed quizzes? (“Pick your favorite foods and we’ll tell you your zodiac sign!”)

Nowadays, attention is a hot commodity, and quizzes capture attention. That’s powerful and a big reason why 65% of people who start a quiz finish all the questions. Plus, quizzes are fun and interactive and put the focus on your customer.

If you’re looking to grow your email list and generate more leads, it’s easy to connect your quiz to your email marketing software to generate leads and send out personalized results and email sequences.

In this Interact Quiz review, we’ll explore how to use Interact to create a quiz and how it can benefit your business. With their new AI quiz maker, Interact makes it easier than ever to make a quiz to generate leads.

Interact Quiz Review
Interact Quiz Review

Interact Quiz Review

Are you looking to engage your audience in a fun and interactive way while growing your email list?

Creating a quiz that is both engaging and reflective of your brand used to be time-consuming and challenging. But not anymore! With InteractAI, you can now create a captivating quiz in just 2 minutes! 

This new feature from Interact Quiz Maker simplifies the quiz-making process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—connecting with your audience and growing your brand.

With Interact’s innovative AI-powered quiz-making tool, you can create a first draft quiz in just 2 minutes! What used to take ages can now be done in minutes. 

Benefits of using Interact to create quizzes

Quizzes are an easy way to make your marketing more engaging, interactive, and fun for your potential clients and customers. Plus, when you use Interact, you get all of these benefits:

Boost engagement

Let’s face it, people love a good quiz!  Interact’s interactive format replaces passive content with an engaging experience that keeps users hooked.

Increased lead generation

Turn your engaged quiz participants into qualified leads. Interact allows you to easily collect new email signups with seamless integrations with the email marketing software you already use and love.

No quiz making experience needed

With InteractAI, you don’t need any quiz writing experience. The no-code platform allows you to start from scratch or recommend your own topics or ideas. They’ve made it so simple that anyone can create engaging quizzes in no time.

InteractAI is the ultimate tool for creating engaging and interactive quizzes. With no quiz writing experience necessary and a range of customization options, it’s never been easier to grow your audience. 

Understands your brand voice and style

InteractAI uses your website or URL to pull in your brand voice and style. This means your content will be written exactly how you or your audience would say it. This feature ensures that your quizzes resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s unique personality.

Follows quiz best practices

InteractAI is engineered to include the same strategies and best practices that the team at Interact has learned over the last 10 years. This includes quiz formatting and quiz length. With InteractAI you can choose the number of quiz outcomes (results) and/or quiz questions. 

Once your AI quiz is created, it’s loaded into your Interact account for further customizations to copy, branding, images, and more.

Start your quiz-making journey with InteractAI today.

How to create a quiz with Interact

Let’s dig into the juicy part! How do you actually create a quiz with Interact, especially with their new AI features? Of course, you still have the option to manually create all of your questions and answers, but let’s get into how to use InteractAI.

To start, create an account, click on the create a quiz button, and select the option to see what AI recommends or get help on your quiz titles from AI.

Interact Quiz Builder
Interact Quiz Builder

Next, input your website (or copy in your brand voice), what your business does, and what problem you solve for customers. From there, their AI will recommend quiz titles. Select the one you want.

I decided to go with the topic “What’s your social media marketing personality?”

Interact Quiz Builder
Interact Quiz Builder

Next, you can decide if you want your quiz to determine a quiz taker’s personality type, assess knowledge, or recommend products or services. Alternatively, you can have AI decide for you.

Then you can write your own questions or have AI generate them. Interact recommends having between 4-10 questions. If you want to include certain topics within the quiz, you can also add them.

Finally, if you haven’t already signed up, then do that here at the final stage. You’re done!

You’ll now be able to see your newly created quiz in your account where you can edit and customize it to your heart’s content before integrating it with email marketing software or adding it to your website.

The trick for generating leads with your quiz is to offer something (like a detailed profile or personality archetype) in exchange for someone providing their email at the end. Give them a reason to sign up!

Get started with making an Interact quiz

If you’ve been looking for a way to grow your email list and attract new potential customers or clients, a quiz is the perfect way to do it.

Take the first step with InteractAI. Simply submit your website, what your business does, and what problem you solve to have a customized quiz automatically created for your business.

Sign up for Interact today!

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