Why You Should Put Your Prices on Your Website

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One easy – and often overlooked – way to save time and increase the number of potential clients who sign up with you is to list your prices publicly. This blog post is about why you should put your prices on your website.

Why You Should Put Your Prices on Your Website

If you *do* already list your prices on your website, you might think this is obvious, but a lot of service providers don’t do it. Why? Well there are several reasons: 1) it gives you the opportunity to sell your services with a personal touch, 2) higher-ticket sales might be better sold on a one-on-one sales call, or 3) you want to be able to follow up with anyone who is remotely interested in your services.

But I still recommend making your pricing public, so let’s take a look at why you should put your prices on your website. 🙂

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Why You Should Put Your Prices on Your Website

Your customers will be able to find your price quickly and easily

Make it easy for people to work with you. Remember, a confused mind always says no. If people can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to just press the back button on their browser and find someone else who makes it more straightforward.

There’s also the old adage in the back of people’s minds: “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Some people won’t reach out to you if your pricing isn’t listed because they automatically assume it’s out of their price range. Also, many clients don’t want to feel like they’re being pressured into buying with high-pressure sales tactics or dealing with a million followup messages just because they reached out one time for a quote.

Customers who *do* reach out to you are more interested and better-qualified because they already know your pricing

And they don’t have to spend their time wading through your site hunting for the pricing.

Create a Work with Me or services page that lays out exactly what services you offer, the packages you have available, and the pricing for each. If you don’t have specific packages created for your services, I would recommend creating 2-3 that lay out exactly what deliverables you will offer for a specific price. (Rather than charging hourly, but that’s a discussion for another blog post ;))

If you *don’t* put your pricing on your website, then the vast majority of people who contact you will be simply asking about your pricing, but they’re not necessarily interested.

Often, people are shopping around and asking several providers about their services.

It’s important that you put your prices on your website (or at the very least a starting point, such as “Websites start at $5,000).

You might be thinking, “Well, don’t I want potential clients to reach out to me about the pricing so I can get them on a sales call?”

But the reality is that potential clients are probably considering multiple different service providers before they reach out to you, and pricing is one of those considerations. Some people will literally just X out of your website if they can only get access to your pricing by personally contacting you.

It’s also a lot of time for yourself and potential clients if they have to email you back and forth to get a piece of information as simple as pricing.

Make it as easy as possible to work with you.

If you make people get on a sales call just to find out what your pricing is, a lot of those people won’t turn into customers because they just wanted to know how much your service costs. So make it easy on them – and your schedule – by being transparent with your pricing.

You can easily update prices on your website.

If you want to update or increase your pricing, it’s as simple as changing your work with me or sales page. You don’t have to email potential clients to tell them that you’re about to raise your prices or worry about how long you should honor your price quote for a potential client who hasn’t actually signed up yet.

Plus, if someone asks about your prices but then doesn’t actually sign up until 2 months later, you would have to let them know that your prices have increased, and they might change their mind. But if the most up-to-date price is already on your website, they can see that upfront and make a decision about whether or not they still want to work with you.

If you DO have an introduction / discovery call with someone, they’re more likely to convert into a customer because they knew the pricing upfront.

If you have your pricing and packages publicly available on your website, then if you end up on a discovery call with someone, it most likely means that they’re VERY INTERESTED and qualified. Then it’s just a matter of seeing if the two of you will be a good fit. 🙂

You don’t have to spend hours putting together custom proposals or sending over complicated pricing guides. This is key to scaling your business as a solopreneur.

The problem with not having your pricing on your website is that you have to spend a lot of time and energy putting together custom proposals or quotes for every single person who reaches out. And if they cancel their discovery call or are uninterested in signing up after seeing the price tag, that’s taking hours of BOTH your time.

Also, someone might want to know the general ballpark range for the cost of outsourcing, say, their Instagram or paid ads management, but if you don’t list your prices, then they might have waaayyyy different expectations than what you’re charging. Sometimes people literally just want to know if a service is even in their budget. Be upfront about it.

In my opinion, the benefits of putting your prices on your site outweigh any downsides, and service providers like social media managers should always list their prices on their website. If you want to close more clients and get more people buying from you, give it a try!

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