10 Gorgeous Marble Textures for Designing

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Marble textures, patterns, and backgrounds are a gorgeous way to add an element of luxury or class to your online brand.  If you want to convey an upscale feel with your website or design, try using one of these realistic marble textures as a background element on your site or in graphics like for a social media cover photo along with a serif font like Garamond or Modern No. 20.  Here are 10 beautiful and elegant marble backgrounds for designing.

10 Gorgeous Marble Textures for Designing

1. Marble Seamless Vector Patterns

2. Golden Seams Marbled and Striped Paper

Golden seams marbled paper

Aren’t these marble papers gorgeous?  There are black, white, and rose gold marble patterns with golden “foil” seams in the cracks to add an extra element of elegance.

3. Marble Paper Textures

Suminagashi marble textures

4. Marbled Digital Paper Set

Marbled digital paper

5. Marbled Stone Texture

Marble texture high resolution images

6. One Click Marble Generator

One click marble generator

7. Golden Marble Foil and Papers

Golden marble foil and paper backgrounds

8. White Marble Textures

White marble textures

9. Rose Gold Marbles in Metallic Foil

Rose gold marbles in metallic foil

10. Gray Marble Background Textures

Gray marble background textures

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