Canva Instagram Post Templates

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Did you know that you can use premade Canva templates to design Instagram content faster? This article will show you how Canva Instagram post templates can help speed up your content creation and help you create beautiful, branded visuals for your business.

Canva Instagram Post Templates
Canva Instagram Post Templates

Canva Instagram Post Templates

What are Instagram Post Templates for Canva?

Instagram post templates are a set of Canva designs that allow you to create Instagram posts quickly and easily. These premade designs usually come in several different styles and options depending on what you want to post – an informational template, a quote template, a testimonial, etc. All of this without the need to spend time creating custom graphics from scratch every time.

Why Should You Use Canva Templates for Your Instagram Content?

There are many reasons why using Canva templates is beneficial: they speed up your content creation process up by providing a post that’s already halfway done, they help with keeping your branding consistent, and they can help inspire you to come up with new content ideas if you’re stuck and not sure what to post.

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram, then try out some engagement templates. You know, those images on Instagram that look like a phone notification or a screenshot of a tweet? It’s waayyyy easier to start with a template to create posts like that rather than try to design it from scratch.

Instagram Templates on Canva’s Website

Canva has a range of pre-designed templates that can be easily used for your next social media post on any platform; including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more. These saved designs can be used anytime for any social media platform, and you can even resize them to repurpose content for other platforms!

Canva Instagram Post Templates
Canva Instagram Post Templates

Canva has many free Instagram templates available to use, and you can always customize them with your colors and text. You don’t need to be a Canva Pro user in order to edit these, but they DO have a wider variety of premium templates that I highly recommend.

The designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and color schemes. Below is an example from their website.

Canva Instagram Post Templates
Canva Instagram Post Templates

Our Own Instagram Post Templates ?

If you want something a little more unique, then you can also get Canva templates from individual sellers. For example, I offer Canva templates at Katie Harp Creative through our membership or Etsy shop! Here are a few of the Instagram post templates we sell:

Pink Instagram Canva Templates for Engagement
Blue Instagram Canva Templates for Engagement
Green Instagram Canva Templates for Engagement

Tips for Customizing Canva Templates to Your Own Brand

If you would like to customize Canva templates for your own brand, there are a few ways to do so!

  • First, if you sign up for Canva Pro, you can create a Brand Kit to save your business’s fonts and colors, though this isn’t required.
  • Customize the colors: Canva will easily let you customize the colors based on your brand’s hex colors, or their suggested color palette.
  • Add stock photos that match your branding: we have thousands of stock photos in a variety of colors in our membership!
  • Add your logo: You can add your logo or slogan in any white space on the design – just make sure it fits with the style of design by choosing fonts that complement each other well.
  • Add your own text: Canva also has a type tool that allows you to add any words or phrases in any font style of your choosing!

If you’re looking for a way to design Instagram content in less time, or you’re just starting out and don’t want to design graphics from scratch, Canva is an excellent tool.

With their variety of Instagram templates that range from simple text posts to those popular Instagram engagement posts, you can find something perfect for your business.

And if you want even more help creating beautiful branded visuals on Instagram but don’t have time? Consider signing up our membership for instant access to more than 500 Canva templates (plus our stock photos, of course ?).

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