Canva Lead Magnet Templates for Bloggers

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Lead magnets are free downloads that you can offer your readers in exchange for signing up to your email list. However, designing a pretty ebook or worksheet to give away can be challenging, so here are some lead magnet templates to help you out!

Canva Lead Magnet Templates for Bloggers
Canva Lead Magnet Templates for Bloggers

What is a lead magnet? Well, if you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard about building your email list. A lead magnet is a freebie that you can use to entice people to sign up for your list in exchange for their email address.

So they get a free resource (like an ebook, workbook, checklist, etc), and you get permission to communicate with them via email. It’s a win-win!

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An opt-in offer can potentially be anything from a short course to a free video training to a printable, but in this post we’re specifically focusing on lead magnets that are basically ebooks or workbooks. In other words, your new subscriber will be downloading a PDF file (that you design with these templates in Canva).

Canva Lead Magnet Templates for Bloggers

Here are some Canva opt-in offer templates that I’ve designed. 🙂

This ebook template is perfect for lady bosses, lifestyle bloggers, and female entrepreneurs and comes in a blush pink, white, and black color scheme, but you can customize the fonts, colors, and photos to your heart’s content.

Lead Magnet Templates for Female Entrepreneurs
Lead Magnet Templates for Female Entrepreneurs

This lead magnet template for Canva includes 36 different pages ranging from different cover options, intro pages, title pages, general layout pages for an ebook, and even pages for a workbook like checklists and worksheets with question and answer boxes.

Blush pink lead magnet templates

This Canva template has everything you need to create the lead magnet of your dreams, whether that’s a downloadable ebook, a workbook for your course, or some combination of different page styles.

Pink lead magnet templates for Canva

The design is feminine, simple, and clean and has plenty of blank spaces (the “sky and grass” standard placeholder from Canva) where you can add your own beautiful stock photos or use the free photos that come with Canva.

Canva lead magnet templates

Canva Lead Magnet Templates from Bluchic

Here are more beautiful options for lead magnet templates from Bluchic!

Bluchic Canva lead magnet templates

This is a roadmap style lead magnet from Bluchic, also designed for Canva. This template is specifically for creating a free roadmap opt-in for your subscribers to guide them through a specific process to achieve a certain result in their life or business.

Yellow bold Canva lead magnet template

This is a Canva workbook template that has several different styles of pages with questions and answers laid out so your reader could either print the workbook or fill it in digitally if you make it a fillable PDF later.

Blush pink lead magnet template

This is a pretty blush pink checklist style lead magnet. There are different styles of checklists with boxes, bulleted lists, and room for stock photos.

Teal and pink lead magnet templates

This is a resource template, which would be perfect for creating an opt-in offer listing your favorite tools or resources in a particular industry. For example, you might offer readers a freebie with the 20 best tools for entrepreneurs or the 10 must-have items you need when traveling to Europe.

Hopefully you can find a template for an opt-in offer that strikes your fancy! 🙂

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