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Say "bye-bye" to cheesy stock photos and "hello" to styled stock photography that matches your brand and is designed with bloggers and online business owners in mind. 🎉

Imagine always having high quality graphics & stock photos for your business without having to scroll through pages and pages of free photos looking for one that ACTUALLY matches your branding.

Does this sound like you? 🤔

Can you relate to any of this? 👇

I created this stock photo and template membership because in my own work, I go through a TON of stock photos every month.

It can be exhausting searching through endless free photo sites to find something that matches your branding, style, and colors.

I found myself reusing the same free photos over and over again (anything with a keyboard, “flat lay style,” or remotely feminine!) and started shooting my own stock photos from time to time to use for my clients just to save time from all the searching.

A lot of stock photo subscriptions don’t let you use the photos on behalf of your clients, but YES, you can use our photos and templates in your client work as a social media manager or virtual assistant! We’re one of the only memberships out there that allows this.


Katie Harp Creative’s Stock Photo Membership


With the new styled stock membership from Katie Harp Creative, you get access to hundreds of Canva design templates, quote posts, styled stock photos and more for one low price!​

Plus, I’ll be adding more new content regularly. 🙂

* Well, “lifetime” and “forever” meaning for the lifetime of this program, or until the inevitable heat death of the universe. 😉

If you want to...

Grow your reach

Get more people engaging with your social media content and more clicks back to your website.

increase your traffic

Reach a new audience and get more people hearing about you and following you online.

... all while saving time in your biz

Save hours of time by using our stock photos & templates and never stare at a blank screen again!

... then our membership is perfect for you!

What’s included

What Do You Get with our Unlimited Stock Photo Subscription?

Here’s a sneak peek inside the membership!


Styled Stock Photos 📸

You’ll get instant access to over 1,220 stock photos and more to come in the future!

Here are some of the stock photo packs we have:

  • Pink Photo Packs: Pink and mint, peony office, rose gold marble, hot pink and black photo pack, peonies and money, light pink, pink and gold, pink and gold marble photo packs
  • Blue Photo Packs: Navy blue, light blue, navy and pink, pink and navy marble, blue office supplies photo packs
  • Neutral tones and natural tones
  • More colors of flat lays and office supplies, including…. yellow, purple, green, orange, mint, gold, and neutral
  • Photos of calculators, money, clocks, and more perfect for business owners: Tropical Calculator, Time and Productivity, Money and Calculator, Podcasting, Piggy Bank and Marble
  • White picture frame mockup photos
  • Seasonal Photo Packs: Spooky Halloween, Autumn Leaves, Gold and White Winter, Festive Red and Green

Here’s just a sampling of some of our photo packs: 👇

Canva Design Templates 🖼

You’ll get instant access to over 415 pages of templates and more to come in the future!

  • Pinterest Templates (over 50 templates!)
  • Instagram Post Templates (120 templates!)
  • Instagram Highlight Covers
  • Instagram Story Templates
  • Quote Graphic Templates (50 quotes!)
  • Lead Magnet Templates (over 70 templates!)
  • Ecourse and Webinar Slides (100 templates!)
  • Media Kit Templates
  • Services & Pricing Guide
  • Brand Board Template
  • Canva Digital Product Mockups (10)

Here’s a sampling of some of our Canva templates: 👇

Did someone say BONUSES? ✨

  • New content added regularly (usually monthly)
  • A digital copy of our Rebel Blog Planner
  • 200+ Hashtag Ideas for social media
  • Affiliate program so you can earn back your investment!
Rebel Blog Planner Preview

A $27 value

Rebel Blog Planner

Our Rebel Blog Planner is the perfect tool to plan out your blogging and social media journey for the month, quarter, or year! Keep track of your stats, income, goals, and more with this digital or printable planner. Yours FREE with the membership.


A $97 value

200+ Hashtag Ideas

This bonus guide includes more than 200 hashtag ideas in a variety of niches (business, social media, organizing, personal finance, gardening, weddings, and wayyy more) that are the perfect extra to skyrocket your social media reach on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and more.


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How it works

Here’s what happens when you sign up

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Who’s behind this stock image membership?

Hello there, I’m Katie Harp!

I’m the lady boss behind Katie Harp Creative.

I help bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and businesses, particularly with Pinterest management, marketing, and social media. I usually work with creative entrepreneurs like life and business coaches, lifestyle bloggers, designers, brand strategists, consultants, and more.

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions 🧐

For your website, social media posts, in blog graphics, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, ebook covers, landing pages, sales pages, in paid courses, and more! The only thing you can’t do is resell or redistribute our photos or templates (even if edited) in a competing manner.

Nope, our stock photos are mainly of office supplies and accessories in a variety of colors. Many of the photos are flat lays or styled to look like a desk, but there are no human beings.

YES, you can use our photos and templates in your client work as a social media manager or virtual assistant! We’re one of the only memberships out there that allows this.

Only one user is allowed per paid subscription / login. Please do not share your login or the original photos / templates with your client. If your client wants access, they would need to purchase their own membership.

In addition to using the photos and templates in your own business and website, you can use our photos and templates in your client work as a social media manager or virtual assistant! We’re one of the only memberships out there that allows this.

Due to the instantly downloadable nature of digital products, no refunds will be given. Because otherwise, you could just download everything and then ask for a refund, ya know? 😉

Depending on the plan you choose, you have access to download an unlimited number of photos and templates for 3 months (quarterly plan), 12 months (yearly plan), or forever! (lifetime plan). * Well, forever and lifetime meaning for the life of this program. However, I am planning on keeping this around for a long time. 🙂

Also, whatever photos and templates you download when you are a member are yours to keep and use forever!


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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or partnered with Canva, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram in any way. Results not typical and not guaranteed. There are NO guarantees of increased income, traffic, or money being made.

* Well, “lifetime” and “forever” meaning for the lifetime of this program, or until the inevitable heat death of the universe. 😉

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