20 Things You Can Automate or Outsource in Your Online Business

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With so many different tools out there for online business, it’s really possible to automate or outsource just about any part of your online business you’d like. 😃

Things You Can Automate or Outsource in Your Online Business

I use a number of different tools and resources to automate many parts of my businesses and am able to run three different blogs at the same time without working a ridiculous number of hours. You can also hire a virtual assistant to do certain tasks for you too. Here are 20 things you can automate or outsource in your online business.

Things You Can Automate or Outsource in Your Online Business

  1. Social media posting or scheduling (use a tool like Post Planner that lets you recycle posts!)
  2. Blog post formatting
  3. Creating social media graphics
  4. Writing blog posts
  5. Pinning on Pinterest. Schedule it with Tailwind or hire me to manage your Pinterest account.
  6. Posting on Facebook and Twitter (use a tool like Post Planner)
  7. Posting to link parties
  8. Blog commenting
  9. Formatting ebooks
  10. Designing blog post graphics
  11. Joining group boards on Pinterest
  12. Posting to group boards on Pinterest
  13. Sending email newsletters
  14. Your client intake process
  15. Delivering digital products or files
  16. Adding new customers to a special email list
  17. Sending followup emails (use a tool like Boomerang)
  18. Sending targeted marketing emails
  19. Collecting new leads
  20. Sending a welcome series of emails to new subscribers

Those are just a few of the many things that you could possibly automate or outsource in your online business. 😃  What are you going to take off your plate?

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