5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, managing your time well is very helpful in getting more done in your online business. Here are 5 productivity tips for entrepreneurs to help you get more done every day.

5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs | Productivity Hacks for Bloggers

1. Automate your social media.

I talk about this a lot in some of our other posts. I definitely recommend automating your social media posting as much as possible. Social media is a great way to market your online business, but it can quickly become a time suck if you let it.

Instead, use tools like Post Planner and Tailwind to truly automate your social media in a set-it-and-forget-it way.

2. Batch your work.

Task-switching can be a major killer of productivity. Instead, batch your to-do list items by the type of task and tackle a bunch of the same type of work in one sitting or one work day.

For example, instead of writing a blog post, working on social media, answering emails, and doing client work all in one day, spend one day JUST writing blog posts or one day doing ONLY client work. I usually batch most of my client scheduling on Tuesdays.

If you can’t do a whole day at a time, at least block off a few hours at a time to batch your tasks. That way, you stay in the zone for a longer period of time and can work more efficiently than if you keep switching tasks.

3. Work in sprints.

I find that I do my best work when I work really hard for a few hours or a few weeks at a time, and then take off a couple hours (or a couple days) and completely unplug from work and just do fun stuff. If you’re always working on work stuff in the background or answering emails, you’re never fulling taking a break from your business, which you need.

Instead, work all-out for whatever amount of time you find works best, then all-out rest until your next sprint. 🙂

4. Block out distractions.

Use tools like the free Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator to block your Facebook newsfeed so you don’t get distracted by the social media vortex.

5. Outsource time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

If you have something you have to do often and it’s boring, repetitive, or it doesn’t have to be you doing it, then consider outsourcing it to a virtual assistant (or automating it if possible). On one of my blogs, I wanted to post to link parties every week, but it was taking a lot of time so I outsourced it instead and she’s able to post to a lot more places than what I was doing sporadically and I have more time to write blog posts. 🙂

What are your favorite productivity tips? ?

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