Work from Home Routine: How I Organize My Day

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It’s always fun to have a behind-the-scenes look at how other entrepreneurs work. So today, I’m going to walk you through my work from home routine and how I get everything done for my two businesses (and a few random side projects :)).

My Productive Work from Home Routine

Work from Home Routine: How I Organize My Day

I usually wake up around 9 or 10 naturally, depending on when I went to bed the night before. Sometimes I wake up a lot earlier and just decide to stay up and do some inspired work! I’m not a big fan of alarm clocks so if I don’t need to wake up at a certain time, then I just wake up whenever I want. 🙂

The first thing I do is make a cup of coffee. I totally remember my life before I started drinking coffee and my life after, and whether or not coffee is actually healthy, having some small routine in the morning definitely keeps me on track and gets me ready to start my day.

I’ve read a little about morning routines and what other entrepreneurs do. So far I’m happy with what I do now and have recently made a few adjustments to make my day more inspired and productive.

After I make a cup of coffee (doctored up with a lot of coffee creamer), I usually snuggle into some comfortable chair or sit on my bed with my iPad and coffee in hand. I usually start this process around 10am.

I used to always start my day by reading emails, but I kept hearing that this stresses you out and makes you worried and reactive for the rest of the day (instead of proactive about doing the things you want to do), so now I start by reading something inspiring like a business or motivational book or scrolling through inspirational pictures or articles on Pinterest. This one change has made a big difference in how I approach the day. Now I start off feeling inspired and wanting to dive into my work instead of stressed out super early in the morning. Try it!

After I drink my coffee and fill my brain with inspiration, I usually start working on something or read some emails. I have deliberately culled my incoming mail so most of my emails are actually just inspiring or educational newsletters from business coaches or other entrepreneurs. I’m not really in a business where I have to put out fires or deal with emergencies, so email is not a stressful thing for me. And I like it that way.

Next I’ll usually write something like a blog post or work on something business-y like a sales page. Sometimes I plan out new ideas for my businesses, design graphics for something, work on income projections, or think about the future of my businesses. Probably my favorite thing to do ever is planning the future of my businesses. I just love dreaming up possibilities and thinking about where I want to take things.

I also make sure to spend time learning every day about business. I’m usually reading about 20 books at a time on my iPad (I have a problem) and redoing a few online courses about marketing or something similar. Last year I bought about a bajillion online courses and I did go through all of them during that time, but this year I’ve only enrolled in one or two new ones and instead am going back through the old material from last year to learn new things and implement more. My goal is to take as much action as possible based on what I learn. I don’t want to just get fired up and then forget about it; I want to actually do something with all the books and courses I go through.

Some days I have a deadline for something like designing quotes or sending a newsletter with a new blog post for Katie Harp Creative. I also try to post a couple times a day on Instagram, which has to be done from your phone (all my other social media is automatically posted with Post Planner for Facebook and Twitter and Tailwind for Pinterest).

I try to stop working around 6 or 7pm just so I don’t end up working forever (because sometimes I really love what I’m doing and get totally carried away in it) or get burned out. At that point I’ll relax and maybe watch Netflix. There’s also time for meals and nomming throughout the day and dinner after I’m done working.

If I’m feeling particularly motivated I might go back to work after dinner or spend my evening reading a marketing book. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks about blogging and implementing as much as I can, and I’ve been getting noticeable results already. It’s pretty cool how you can see results when you take action straight away!

So there you have it. That is my daily work routine, although sometimes it varies. That’s just what I’ve been doing for the past couple months or so and it’s currently a routine I’m very happy with. I don’t work a million hours a week and I spend a lot of time just reading, getting inspired, or planning, which I love. I hope this gives you some ideas for how you can organize your own day!

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