11+ Facebook Groups for Bloggers

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Facebook groups are a fun way to connect with other bloggers and entrepreneurs and also network, get questions answered, or sometimes promote your blog posts or services. Here are 11+ Facebook groups for bloggers that I’ve personally used.

Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Note: Be sure to follow their rules! Most groups do not allow random self-promotion – if it’s allowed at all, it might be on certain days or on certain threads only. When I offered services, most of my new clients came from Facebook groups. If someone was posting about looking for a web designer, for instance, I’d throw my hat in the ring and drop them a link.

There’s definitely value in just talking to other bloggers, seeing what other people are up to, and making new blogger friends too. Just don’t forget to get back to working at some point. 😉

11+ Facebook Groups for Bloggers

1. Online Business BFFs
2. Blogging Boost
3. Grow Your Blog Group
4. Inspired Bloggers Network Promos
5. Authentic Bloggers
6. Promote Your Website Everyday
7. Blogger Connection Support and Promotions
8. Blogger Community
9. The Blog Loft
10. Uncaged Lifers
11. Screw the Nine to Five Community

What Facebook groups for bloggers do you use? 🙂

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