How to Become a Pinterest Manager

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I’ve gotten a number of questions over the years about this, so today I’m answering how to become a Pinterest manager, along with the course that I took to jumpstart my journey!

How to Become a Pinterest Manager
How to Become a Pinterest Manager

How to Become a Pinterest Manager

What is a Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager is someone who runs and grow Pinterest accounts for their clients.

Being a Pinterest manager is basically a social media manager who specializes in Pinterest! (Although Pinterest isn’t 100% exaaaccctllyyy a social media site, we’ll just say that to keep the conversation simple. ;)).

In this role, you will most likely be working with bloggers and online business owners (in other words, you’re using Pinterest to sell or grow someone’s business, not just pinning on your friend’s personal Pinterest account).

Pinterest isn’t just a place for dinner ideas and fun hairstyles to try – it’s a platform that businesses use everyday to get more traffic to their websites, increase their leads, and grow their online sales.

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What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

A Pinterest manager can start, grow, and manage an account for their clients. A Pinterest manager or VA might create an account from scratch, come up with an overall marketing strategy for the client, schedule weekly pins for their clients, design new graphics, do engagement activities like following other relevant accounts, etc.

A Pinterest manager can also offer additional services like promoted pins (Pinterest ads) or account setups and audits.

Pinterest Manager vs. Pinterest VA

These terms are often used interchangeably, but in general, a Pinterest VA might be more of an entry-level role and a Pinterest manager might have more experience and a mind for strategy.

Hypothetically, if you have an established Pinterest account that you just want to outsource to a virtual assistant, you could hire a Pinterest VA at a reasonable price to follow your existing strategy and pin schedule.

However, if you wanted to completely outsource your Pinterest management to a specialist, then you would hire a Pinterest manager, who would also come up with the strategy, schedule, and specific growth tactics for your account.

But again, some people use both terms to refer to the same thing! 🙂

If you’re a general virtual assistant or VA currently, then specializing down to a service like Pinterest can allow you to raise your prices and become known for a specific skillset.

Should You Charge Hourly or Have Pinterest Packages?

Side note: with Pinterest management, I always recommend having monthly package prices rather than charging hourly! With package prices, you have a more stable, predictable income, you will probably become more efficient over time, and clients will also know exactly how much to budget for your services each month.

How I Became a Pinterest Manager

Although I had already been working on my own Pinterest accounts for years (mostly for lifestyle blogs), a few years ago I started considering the possibility of managing OTHER people’s Pinterest accounts and getting paid for it.

Talk about a dream job, right? Well, I stumbled upon a course at the time that ended up changing my whole career for the better because it helped me launch my services as a Pinterest manager (AKA a Pinterest VA).

Before discovering Pinterest management, I had sooo many different business and website ideas and tried just about all of them lol. But I hadn’t quite found that “one idea” that would was the right one for me.

Although I still blog a little on the side, I am now much more focused on my main marketing business (Katie Harp Creative), which has simplified things considerably, given more more time to dedicate to clients, and helped me grow.

Pinterest Manager Course: Become a Pinterest VA Today Course Review

Here’s my review for the Become a Pinterest VA Today online course by Kristin Larsen (and originally, also Gina Horkey). You might be wondering, “Is Become a Pinterest VA Today worth the price?”

I took this course a few years ago and launched a successful new service – Pinterest management – because of it. This course was so helpful for me and literally what got me started with being a Pinterest manager.

I’ve now been a Pinterest manager and social media manager for several years, and launching this service offering is honestly one of the best business decisions I’ve made.

Although the training videos were very helpful, having access to a community of other Pinterest managers and client leads was invaluable!

Also, being able to ask very specific questions about being a Pinterest manager is a useful thing to have in your back pocket! Because Pinterest management is very specialized, you’re not going to get the same kind of advice from a general business Facebook group.

How to Get Started as a Pinterest Manager

If you want to become a Pinterest manager or Pinterest VA, then I’d recommend doing some research first and taking an online course to help you learn the necessary skills. (Ok, an online course isn’t 100% necessary, but for me, it gave me the confidence to start pitching myself to clients without letting imposter syndrome creep in!)

If you’re already an avid user of Pinterest, then that’s great! If not, you’ll probably want to get familiar with the platform first because it’s very different than other social media sites (and arguably some say that Pinterest isn’t social media at all, but a visual search engine).

In the beginning when you don’t have any clients, the best portfolio piece is your OWN account. Whether that’s a Pinterest account for your Pinterest manager business, or a separate Pinterest account for a blog or side project you have, the best way to get experience early on is by working on your own accounts and figuring out what works.

I actually started with running three of my own accounts (different websites / blogs) and that gave me knowledge and skills in different niches on Pinterest plus results and portfolio pieces that I could show people.

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If you’re a creative person who loves digital marketing or social media or already offers another service like Instagram management or general virtual assistance, then I recommend Pinterest management as a service to add to your repertoire!

If you’re interested in becoming a Pinterest manager, click here to learn more about Become a Pinterest VA Today.

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