The Importance of Fresh Pins on Pinterest

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Have you heard all over social media that you should be creating fresh pins for Pinterest? In this post, I’m going to share why you should be regularly creating new fresh pins (and what they ARE) if you want to get the best results on Pinterest.

The Importance of Fresh Pins for Pinterest

First, what are fresh pins?

Fresh pins on Pinterest are any pins that are new, and they’re either new images or sometimes a new description or title or even a completely new blog post that you’ve never pinned to Pinterest before.

In the last few years Tailwind and Pinterest have really put an emphasis on fresh pins, and specifically they want new IMAGES and new blog posts. (Brand new blog posts are ideal, but new images are good too).

You can even just do something like changing the title and the photo used in your image, but really they are emphasizing that they want pinners and especially bloggers and content creators to add as many new, high-quality fresh pins as possible.

On one of my personal blogs, I’ve been trying to follow the fresh pins guideline. Some of the pins are actually old designs or I’ve used them previously, but they did have different URLs before and I redirected them to a new site, so technically they have never been pinned to Pinterest before.

What I’ve done here is that a few times a week, I take a few of these pins that are new to this domain and I upload them, or in the normal situation, you would just want to design new pins for your website.

You can either directly upload pins to Pinterest each day, or if you want to save time, you can use Tailwind to upload new pins and schedule them out in your queue. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool and an official Pinterest partner, so they work closely with Pinterest to make sure they are following the best practices.

Should You Try New Designs for Fresh Pins?

You can try different styles of graphics for your fresh pins. You can change the font and the text and the titles like I’ve done here. Some of these are completely different styles because I’ve designed them at different points in time and I was kind of split testing them to see how the different styles did. I have some with the pictures and then some text and some with a pink background, some in Canva and some in Photoshop, and then different fonts and stuff.

The idea of fresh pins right now is just that Pinterest wants you to make new content and be uploading it regularly and not just recycling the same content all the time.

The easiest approach to that if you don’t have a ton of time would be to look back at some of the pins that have done well before or just look at pins you’ve already done. Then you can either change the photo or slightly change the title or just change some of the colors and then upload it as a new pin and that would count as fresh content.

It doesn’t take a ton of time or work to just change a few things. In a way, you’re almost split testing the pins at the same time, and you can get a better idea of whether certain designs are working better or certain styles, or is there a size that’s working better?

I have different styles, different sizes of pins, and different lengths.

Pinterest usually recommends a 2:3 ratio, which would be either 600 by 900 pixels (their older recommended size) or 1000 by 1500 pixels (their newer recommended size).

But some of these pins I’ve done are actually a lot longer than what Pinterest recommends, sometimes called giraffe pins or long pins, and they’ve done better than the standard guidelines. So you can definitely try things out for yourself and change it up.

While you’re creating your fresh pins and keeping Pinterest happy by uploading new content, you can also be split testing things and trying out different styles and fonts and headlines to see what works the best for your account.

And if you want a tool to help you make pin designing faster, check out Canva!

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Good luck!

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