How to Loop and Automate Social Media Posts on a Budget

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When looping social media posts came out a few years ago, I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon with a popular scheduling tool. And while I loved it, it was pretty pricey. Then, many years later, a new tool came out with a looping feature so you can build up a library of social media updates and recycle them automatically. Here’s how to loop social media posts on a budget (with no tech gymnastics required!).

How to Loop and Automate Social Media Posts on a Budget

The OG (original gangsta ;)) for how to loop social media posts is Edgar, of course, and we were together for a very long time. I was totally in love.

But even though I believe in investing in yourself and your business, $49 a month for one tool was still a lot for a social media scheduler, especially with all the other automation tools and things I was paying for. Here’s a less expensive alternative to Edgar.

So even though I kept adding posts to my library and used it for three different businesses, I was also looking for an alternative in the back of my mind. Something that would loop and recycle my posts at a lower price point.

And then I found it: Post Planner. Not only does it let you create a content library and recycle your posts by clicking on a little recycle button, they also help you discover content from around the web that is proven to do well on social media and boost your engagement. Pretty cool!

And when I signed up, it was just $9 a month or about $108 a year for the smallest plan, which was all I really needed. It lets you have up to 10 profiles, and I still only used 6 for three blogs with Facebook and Twitter each.

You can sign up for Post Planner here!

Once you’re signed up, you can connect your desired social media accounts (with more networks coming soon) and create a daily schedule of what time your posts should go out (in the Plan section).

Then you can add a post in the Post section and click on the little ‘recycle’ icon and that makes it so that your post is looped and recycled in the future. If you want to post something only once, then leave the recycle button turned off.

That’s it! Just $9 a month instead of $49 a month, with more posts allowed than you’ll know what to do with, and no complicated systems creating a Franken-scheduler out of a bunch of tech tools that don’t really work together.

Click here to sign up for Post Planner!

Good luck. 🙂

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