Instagram Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Do you want to grow your business and get more clients? Then it’s time to start posting on Instagram! In this blog post, we will discuss some Instagram post ideas that are engaging, provide value to your audience, and will help you gain clients and customers.

Instagram Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs
Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Why Use Instagram for Your Business?

Instagram is a popular social media site for entrepreneurs, service providers, social media managers, and other freelancers (and other people, of course!). So if this is you or your target audience, then it might be a good platform to hang out on.

Remember: you want to be on the platforms where you ideal audience is already hanging out, and then create content to educate, entertain, or inspire your ideal client or customer. Social media is just another way for potential clients to find out about you, and after providing value, you can gently guide them back to your website or services page.

Different Types of Instagram Posts

There are a variety of posts you can post on Instagram that will be engaging and provide value to your audience.

Here’s some examples of Instagram post types:

  • Regular posts with a photo (or styled stock photo ;)) and a caption
  • Carousel posts with multiple images
  • Video content, perhaps a shorter clip taken from your Youtube channel
  • Instagram reels, which are short videos a lot like Tiktok

Creating visuals for Instagram posts is important because a lot of people are visual learners – we remember things better when we can see them rather than just read about them! If you’re short on time, you can use styled stock photos that match your brand colors rather than whipping out your iPhone every time you want to post on social media. 🙂

Make sure that any posts on Instagram feature both images / videos AND captions so that followers not only get information but also have something interesting to look at while scrolling through their feeds.

Ideas for What You Should Post on Instagram

Educational content:

  • How to use a certain tool, platform, or software that’s relevant to your audience
  • Teach your audience something new
  • Tips and tricks for your particular business niche
  • Create a square infographic with some key points from your niche
  • Use Instagram templates to create highly engaging and educational content
  • Share a “listicle” post that summarizes the main points from one of your blog posts (yay for repurposing content!)
  • Use videos as posts instead of just still images! Use short clips from your recent YouTube videos or other sites (but be aware that Instagram doesn’t like when your videos have watermarks from other platforms ;))

Entertaining content:

Sometimes people just need a break from all the work stuff. Entertain them with original content that you think they might enjoy

  • Share funny memes relevant to your industry
  • Record yourself doing a trendy Instagram reel / Tiktok video

Inspirational content:

  • Share an inspirational quote that’s relevant to your target audience
  • Share your behind the scenes content. For example, what’s it like to run a business and be an entrepreneur? What goes into running a successful company from day one? How did you make this passion of yours come true? This helps build the know, like, and trust factor. 🙂
  • Share an inspiring portion from your own journey

Promotional content:

Don’t forget to share content about your products or services from time to time (just not every. single. post). This is a great way to show your followers how they can take the next step with you.

  • Share new product photos, aka “unboxing” posts, or videos of how your service works (i.e., showing the before and after of someone’s website redesign). Let people see exactly why they should choose you!)
  • Include quality photos of your products or services in use.
  • Post a few happy client or customer testimonials as social proof for what you offer
  • Giveaways or discounts: if you want to drum up sales and signups, try having a giveaway or offering a discount code (use a graphic to draw attention to it)
  • Flash sales: Instagram could potentially be a good place to have a *very* exclusive flash sale for 24-48 hours just for people following you
  • Reviews: sometimes customers want more than just facts and figures. They also want recommendations from other satisfied customers—people who are similar to them!

Other Tips to Remember for Posting on Instagram…

– Try to post at least a few times per week. Your followers will be happy with multiple posts from you, and it will help keep your account active!

– Include up to 30 hashtags in every post so that other users can find the content on Instagram easily – especially if they have similar interests as yours or are looking for something specific. Use niche-specific hashtags like #socialmediamanager or #virtualassistant rather than general hashtags like #followfriday.

If you don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed with the whole idea of content creation, then check out the Instagram engagement templates we have in our membership.

You can get instant access to thousands of stock photos to post on social media plus Canva templates that you can customize with your educational, inspiring, or promotional content.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for what to post on Instagram!

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