7 Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager for Your Business

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Whether you’re already using Pinterest to grow your blog or you’re curious if it’s a good social media platform for your business, here are 7 reasons to hire a Pinterest manager for your business.

I’m going to assume that you’re either already using Pinterest OR you know that you want to start using it by outsourcing it. Pinterest is a great social media platform / visual search engine to help you gain traffic to blog posts and is different than other marketing platforms in that the main purpose is to find original content (pins).

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When people see your pins or original content on Pinterest, they can click through and end up on your blog or website where they eventually click on your blog ads, buy through affiliate links, make a purchase, or potentially hire you for an online service.

For the best results with Pinterest, you should be using it to drive traffic to free content like blog posts and ultimately get blog visitors into your funnel by getting people to sign up for your email list or free opt-in offers and continue nurturing the relationship.

7 Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager for Your Business | Why You Should Hire a Pinterest Manager or VA

1. Saves you time

Doing Pinterest marketing the right way can take a lot of time to learn, so if you hire a Pinterest manager for your business, you can save yourself hours and hours every month.

2. Get rid of your overwhelm

If you’ve been an online business owner or blogger for a while, you probably have a neverending to-do list or a long list of things that you want to do “someday.” If Pinterest is a marketing strategy you want to use, then outsourcing it to a Pinterest expert can help you eliminate some of that overwhelm in your life.

3. Potentially better results and solid strategy

When you outsource your social media to a Pinterest expert or Pinterest marketing strategist, you will most likely get better results faster than if you had to DIY it all on your own.

4. Focus on your zone of genius

In your business, you are probably already familiar with your zone of genius, or what tasks are best-suited to you and your own form of creative genius. If marketing and growing your traffic is NOT in your zone of genius, then you will definitely want to hire a Pinterest consultant.

5. Gives you the ability to scale your business

When you’re working in your zone of genius and doing the tasks in your business that only you can do (by, for example, hiring someone else to do your Pinterest marketing), you have the ability to scale your business quickly or expand into more passive income sources like creating online courses or products with your newfound time freedom.

6. Get professional-quality design

With a Pinterest manager, you can get professional pins designed that will convert into clicks and stand out on the platform! A good Pinterest VA will know how to design pins that get results. 😉

7. Grow your Pinterest account faster!

Ultimately, you can totally DIY your Pinterest marketing and account, but hiring the right person to do it for you will help you grow your account faster and get better results, ALL WHILE saving you time, rather than if you had just gone it alone.

So, in conclusion, hiring a Pinterest manager can give you another marketing strategy and also save you time while taking this social media channel off your plate. 🙂

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Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager for Your Blog or Business | Pinterest Management Services

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