The Ultimate Guide to a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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Do you want to learn how to grow your online business or blog with a Pinterest marketing strategy?  There are millions of users on Pinterest and lots of ways to market your business with Pinterest.  Here is our ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Pinterest Marketing Strategy | Pinterest Best Practices

We’ve published a number of posts about Pinterest marketing previously, so we’ll link to those here in a master list / guide to Pinterest. 🙂

Getting Started with Pinterest

If you haven’t created a Pinterest account yet and gotten set up with the basics, you’ll need to do that.  I would recommend creating a Pinterest business account so you can have benefits like analytics and access to promoted pins in case you ever want to advertise, and also set up Rich Pins.

You’ll want to create different themed boards for your account based on your particular industry or niche and fill with with both your own pins (images that link to your blog posts) and other people’s pins.  Make sure all of your boards are relevant and interesting to your ideal audience, and keep personal boards (like #hairgoals) secret.

You’ll also want to get set up with a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind to make your life a lot easier!

Basic Guidelines and Pinterest Marketing Tips

There are a few general Pinterest marketing tips that all accounts can benefit from.  For example, you can include keywords in your title / website name on Pinterest and also all of your board and pin descriptions in order to help people find you.

Although Pinterest can be considered a social media site, it is primarily a visual search engine because the main point of the site is to find new links, posts, and images rather than a big emphasis on social interaction. In recent years, however, Pinterest has added new features like idea pins that make it more like other social media sites.

When working on your Pinterest account, you can think of it as like optimizing everything for a search engine like you might do with Google, but with Pinterest, you have the benefit of using pretty images to draw people in.

You’ll want to create vertical images for Pinterest that follow certain general style guidelines:

How to Design a Pinterest Graphic Template in Photoshop

We also have some premade Pinterest graphic templates available in our Creative Market shop.

Getting Followers on Pinterest

To get more followers on Pinterest, there are a few different strategies.  In the beginning, you will most likely need to follow other people in your niche and some of those people will follow you back, but I will caution you to NOT follow hundreds of people all at once or start pinning a ton in the beginning or your account will get flagged as spam.  If your account is new, ease your way into these suggestions so you can play it safe.

After a few months of regular activity, however, you may want to follow 50-75 people per month and pin 20-30 times per day to maximize your account growth.  That would be when you’re in growth mode, though.  At a certain point, you will start to gain Pinterest followers organically and won’t need to be as active.

Here’s a post I did about growing the Pinterest followers for a lifestyle blog:

How I Grew a New Blog from 0 – 1,000 Pinterest Followers

Using Group Boards on Pinterest

Another good way to get followers and repins on Pinterest is through group boards.  Group boards are boards run by someone else that you can join (if approved) and pin to, effectively increasing your reach to however many followers the owner of the group board has.

You can use sites like to find group boards and also just look on other people’s profiles and look for the boards that have a grey person icon on them, indicating a group board.  Different boards have different rules, but usually to join a group board on Pinterest you will need to email or message the board owner.

You should definitely hold off on applying for any group boards until you have created pin images for your most popular blog posts and have at least 10-20 saved on a specific Pinterest board just for your posts.

Here are a few different lists of group boards:

15+ Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

18 Pinterest Group Boards for Lifestyle Bloggers

Pinterest Growth on Autopilot

Finally, if you’re getting a little overwhelmed with all that’s required to market your business on Pinterest, don’t fret!  There are ways to automate some of this once you have the initial set up done:

How to Automate Pinterest Marketing

This has been a summary of what you need for Pinterest marketing, but there are also courses that go into way, way more depth than I could on a blog post.

Good luck!

Pinterest Marketing Tips | Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide

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