5 Sneaky Tricks That Increased My Pageviews by 2000%

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In some businesses, page views are just a vanity metric, but in others, such as blogs that depend on advertising, page views are your lifeblood. So if you’d like to increase either the number of eyeballs on your content or how many posts each visitor is reading (thus generating more page views), read on to learn my 5 sneaky tricks to increase your page views overnight with just a few quick tweaks to your website.

These personally increased the traffic of my personal development blog from 3000 page views a month to over 70,000 in about 6 months! (The “last 30 days” caption refers to when I screenshotted the original graphic below).  The last trick is by far the most important one. You could definitely make all of these changes in one day and start seeing results right away. Good luck!

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5 Sneaky Tricks That Increased My Pageviews by 2000% in about 6 Months

FIRST, before I talk about the so-called “sneaky tricks,” I should tell you that I wrote close to 150 blog posts in one month in the fall, and that solid foundation of content was what ultimately led to this growth.  After writing those posts in a single month (I was randomly posting new things before that also), it took about 3 months from there to reach the 70,000 page views.  However, even if you write a ton of blog posts, you still have to market and promote them correctly on social media or no one will be able to find your awesome stuff. 🙂  That’s what I talk about below in #5 about using Pinterest group boards.  This powerful combination of creating a huge volume of helpful posts that your audience would love to see plus tons of promotion was the foundation of growing my page views, while the other ones are indeed “sneaky tricks” that mostly make a difference if you’re already getting some page views.  But it’s worth making these quick tweaks now so you’ll grow faster in the future. 🙂

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1. Add related posts to the end of your posts

I use the free Shareaholic plugin to add related posts (NOT their promotional posts) to the end of my blog posts. I’d recommend having either 4 or 8 suggested posts, depending on how many blog posts you have overall. If you don’t have a lot of blog posts yet, start small. This small tweak encourages readers to click on to read more of your blog posts and stay on your site longer, thus increasing your page views.

2. Switch from showing full posts to excerpts on your blog page

This one is definitely a sneaky trick. 😉 All you do is go to WordPress – Settings – Reading and change full posts to excerpts so when someone is on your blog page, they have to actually click on the excerpt to read the full post instead of being able to read full posts from your home page. Definitely gets people clicking around your site!

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How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul a great Kindle book written by Ruth Soukup, who created a frugal living and lifestyle blog that reaches millions of readers

Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbookan awesome, packed ebook full of tips for starting and growing a blog from someone who’s been there and created a home / DIY / lifestyle blog.

3. Show fewer blog posts per page

Here’s another sneaky one. On the same settings page, you can decrease the number of blog posts shown per page in your archives / blog categories. I think the default is around 10, so try decreasing it to 6 or 7 posts per page. This one also has the added benefit of increasing your page load times. And indirectly, a faster-loading website will get you more page views too.

4. Interlink your blog posts

This is a super powerful strategy not only for increasing your page views, but also promoting your old blog posts and evergreen content so it gets continually viewed long after it’s been published. Most likely, you have some kind of niche or general topic for your blog, like saving money or web design, so if you find yourself writing something similar to a previous post or referencing an idea you wrote about previously, link to it in your new blog post! Interlinking your blog posts like this is a great way to keep readers on your site longer and increases your page views.

5. Pin all your blog posts to Pinterest with a solid strategy

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. This one strategy alone could fill up an entire blog post, but to keep it to a quick trick, use Pingroupie.com to find group boards on Pinterest related to your niche, ask the owners to join them, and then use a tool like Tailwind to pin blog posts from your website to these group boards a few times a day. I’m a member of a dozen or so different group boards and pin about 50 times a day overall to them (usually 1-4 each per day). Group boards and Tailwind tribes alone can increase your page views by tens of thousands a month.

Well, those are my page view increasing tips! Pick at least one and try it out today. Growing a blog is like a science experiment – keep testing different things until you hit on something that works, and then repeat it. 🙂

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