12+ Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos

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Styled stock photos are a great way to brand and style your business without having to take a bunch of photos yourself. They’re like regular stock photos but less corporate and more feminine, bright, and fun. 🙂 Here are 12+ ways to use styled stock photos in your online business.

Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos

12 Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos for Your Business

1. Your website pictures or header

Stock photos can be used anywhere from your home page to breaking up the text on your about page to decorating the header of your website.

2. Your blog posts

Spice up your blog posts with by adding a few horizontal stock photos at the beginning or within the body of the post to break up long paragraphs of text and make things more visually interesting.

3. Pinterest pins

Styled stock photos are the perfect background for your vertical Pinterest images! Find ones that match your brand colors or use the colors from a stock photo as inspiration for your pin design. (See the top of this post for an example!)

4. Facebook posts

Whether square or rectangle, plain or with a quote added, stock photos are ideal for posting on platforms like Facebook.

5. Instagram posts

All you need to do to use stock photos on Instagram is to crop them into squares! Depending on which section of a photo you crop, you can actually get multiple different uses out of a single image (and even more if you overlay text or design elements on top).

6. Other social media posts or headers

You can also use stock photos on any other social media sites like Twitter posts, your profile header, Instagram stories, Youtube thumbnails, your Facebook group header, and more.

7. Ebooks

Our stock photos allow you to use them on paid products such as ebooks, whether within the pages themselves as design elements, or even the cover itself!

8. In courses

If you have paid courses on platforms like Teachable or Thinkific, you might want to add in some stock photos between paragraphs of text or to create fancy headers for each module or chapter title.

9. For lead magnets

Stock photos are perfect for decorating lead magnets and opt-in offers for your audience, whether that’s checklists, roadmaps, mini ebooks, and more.

10. On landing pages

Make your landing page or opt-in page prettier by adding a large stock photo in the background or behind every other section on the page.

11. On sales pages

Similar to landing pages, sales pages always look better with a few photos! Use styled stock photography to elevate the branding of your sales page.

12. In your emails

Last on this list but certainly not the final way to use stock photos, you can also add photos to your email header or within the email itself to add a little flair to your email marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this post about how to use styled stock photos in your business! 🙂

Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos in Your Business

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