Hi, I’m Katie! I do digital marketing for growing companies.

Nice to (virtually) meet you! 😀

Hi, I’m Katie Harp! I’m an enthusiastic marketer with 10+ years of experience in a variety of marketing areas, including content marketing, search engine optimization, and digital marketing.

When I’m not working, I like trivia and board games and am a mom to a very talkative tuxedo cat. 🐈‍⬛ Learning programming on the side (SQL, JavaScript, and Python).

Content Marketing

Wrote over 150 blog posts and webpages using SEO best practices for B2C, B2B, and SaaS companies, including multiple pages that ranked on the first page of Google and in the top 5 and #1 position.

Search Engine Optimization

Increased organic search traffic for one company by more than 400% in 12 months, resulting in over 30,000 additional clicks. Also increased domain authority by over 20% and the number of backlinks in 12 months.

Social Media

Strategically marketed and grew the social media platforms for 50+ online businesses to help market their businesses, organically and with paid ads. Increased followers for one company by 40% in 12 months.

Paid Ad Results

I’ve run paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with an average cost per lead as low as $1-3 and a ROAS of 2-3X.

Graphic Design Samples

Infographic Design Samples


"Any company looking to grow their marketing initiatives will be lucky to have a strategic marketer like Katie. From understanding the big vision, she is an excellent partner in helping come up with smart ideas that lead to generating more leads and revenue. Most importantly, her hard work ethic and positive get it done attitude both independently and in team settings makes her such a star employee.

Highly recommend Katie for any role touching all aspects of marketing - from copywriting to SEO to funnels - she can handle it all and what she doesn’t know she will make up with curiosity and tenacity."
Emily Liou
- Emily Liou
"Katie’s approach to marketing is gold for this century. She brings an irreplaceable human element to the work while utilizing technology to its highest potential, thinking strategically, keeping a mindful eye on trends and adapting quickly as needed without neglecting underlying principles.

She’s a complete joy to work with. Kind, thoughtful, and deeply intelligent, she’s able to drive a marketing strategy from conception to execution. She’s able to blend the many factors of marketing into a cohesive whole. She’s constantly dropping these little gems that blow my mind, the tweaks that make a huge difference.
I can’t emphasize enough – if you need someone capable of continuing to evolve with the marketing landscape in this century, someone you can rely on who will be a highlight of your business, Katie is perfect for you!"
- Becca Rusinko

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